Totaled Chevy Silverado still runs on its own, giving some truth to the automaker’s slogan

While Chevrolet’s well-known slogan, “Like A Rock,” might sound more like a marketing ploy to some, a recent video of a wrecked Chevrolet that still runs might add some truth behind that slogan.

The vehicle is so twisted, that it is almost unrecognizable as to what model it is, according to Muscle Horsepower. By taking one look at it, you would assume that it should be sitting in the scrap yard.

The YouTube video shows the Chevy Silverado after surviving an incredible crash that damaged the frame and literally every body panel.

The vehicle, that is still completely damaged from the crash not only still runs but it also still moves under its own power, an achievement that is well worth seeing. The driver is still able to jump right in behind the steering wheel, put the truck in drive and roll right on forward as if nothing ever happened.

The remarkable capabilities that still remain despite the wreckage, really speak highly of the build quality of this Chevy Silverado.

As one of the best rivalry’s in the automotive world still stands, of Ford versus Chevy, this scenario might be another mark to Chevy’s side.

An article from Chevrolet’s own website breaks down how the automaker built strength into their Silverado.

The Chevy Silverado’s feature a fully boxed frame. The fully boxed frame includes main rails and major cross members formed from high-strength steel. This feature also provides a rigid base for the maximum hauling capacity, the longevity that truck customers demand and excellent crashworthiness – as evident in the video of the wrecked model that still drives.

Another tough addition to the Silverado is a high-strength-steel-reinforced body structure. The body structure features advanced, high-strength steels. The steels are used in the A-pillars, B-pillars, rockers and roof rails. They are also used in in strategic sections on the interior structure. This feature helps to improve crash performance, as well.

The third strength factor built into the Silverado is the tough cargo box and tailgate. The Chevrolet Silverado features the most innovative cargo box and supporting features. The features include the two-tier loading, standard integrated cargo tie-downs, available adjustable tie-down hooks and more.

The fourth strength factor is the advanced small-block engine. This gives the Silverado the ability to operate on four cylinders during light road driving.

The fifth and final strength factor is the long-lasting Duralife brake rotors. The Silverado 1500 models have standard four-wheel dics brakes with new Duralife brake rotors, which offer up to double the service life.

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