Honest car salesman Facebook ad goes viral

“If only every car salesman was this honest”

One of the biggest fears of car buyers is getting taken advantage of by the car salesman – but there is at least one honest car salesman out there and he’s on Facebook.

When Shelmar Pierre Roseman posted an ad for a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero for sale, he was sure to detail anything that might be wrong with the car. Roseman asked that uses “read carefully so there’s no misunderstanding.”

“Nothing special or pretty about this car,” he continued. The car, available for sale at Journee Autos in Largo, Florida, has racked up 200,000+ miles and some rust along the way. “I even zoomed in on the rust so you can see it,” Roseman noted in the post.

The car is being offered for $900 and “you’re getting $900 worth of car,” Roseman said. He also said he did not have any wiggle room in the price, encouraging interested parties to wiggle “down to another dealership” if they wanted to haggle him.

The post also noted that the check engine light was on, and told buyers not to ask about it.

“Don’t ask me about the check engine light or this light or that light. It’s 900 dollars,” Roseman said.

The bottom line that Roseman wanted to get across was that the car ran, it blew cold air, steers and drives and won’t leave your pocket bare.

“This will get you from A to B. Just don’t try to make it to C,” Roseman said.  “This car will last you at least all Spring ’17,” he continued.

This post “has to be the most honest … ad in the history of automobile selling,” the Daily Dot said.

The Facebook post has racked up 32,000 likes, over 32,000 shares and 23,000 comments.

“If only every car salesman was this honest,” one comment read. Another comment posted said, “Finally an honest car dealer!!”

The car is going for cheap and Roseman already noted its flaws, so he does not want the car back and he was honest about that, too. “An don’t bring that b-tch back to me,” he wrote.

The honest car salesman post went viral, showing that there is at least one honest car salesman out there. This ad is a “must-read,” said USA Today.

Adam Levan, a manager at Journee Autos said You know a lot of car dealers around here will do whatever they got to do to get a sale  – we’re the type of people here at Journee Autos where we don’t like headaches – we’d rather be up front and honest with people – it’s one of those things you get what you pay for.”

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